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Elder Law Hour Welcomes Michael Saffy with SilverLink to the Show

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March 28, 2024 •  Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
Michael Saffy, owner of SilverLink Consulting, is helping families in Northeast Florida navigate the complicated world of long-term care advising them on finding the best care for their loved one.

We're so happy to welcome Michael Saffy to the LIVE show on March 30th! He is an expert in helping families choose a facility or long-term care solution for their loved one. Whether it's finding the right memory care or assisted living facility, it's important to choose the best fit for the family, the patient, and the budget!

Michael Saffy, owner of SilverLink Consulting

Michael Saffy is the Founder and President of SilverLink Consulting, a senior placement organization in Jacksonville, FL which serves 7 surrounding counties. A UNF graduate with a degree in International Business and Finance, Michael started SilverLink when he was just 27 years old after acting as a Business Office Manager for one of the largest Senior Living companies in the country. 

He has a passion to meet the needs seniors in regards for their care, safety, and quality of life. His generosity of heart isn’t reserved for only seniors and their families. Michael has been an active volunteer with the Wildlife Rescue Coalition of Northeast Florida and has helped to save hundreds of orphaned, injured, and displaced wildlife through rehabilitation and release back into the wild. He also serves in advisory roles for the Alzheimer’s Association Executive Team, The Caregiver Coalition of Northeast Florida and other local organizations focused on the betterment of senior care in the Jacksonville area.

SilverLink Consulting Inc. is a FREE Service for seniors and their families in the First Coast area of Florida. We work with senior citizens and their families to find caring homes and communities for them to live happily and with the medical care they need.

Their advisors help navigate the entire long-term care industry for you with expert advice on independent living, assisted living, in home care, memory care and many other resources.

We also help military veterans receive benefits through the Veterans Administration (VA). If you are a spouse, family member, or friend making the decision to place a loved one with a community, we can assist in taking the weight off your shoulders and find the best community based on their needs and your desires.

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