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U.S. Attorney’s Office Releases Public Service Announcement for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Connecticut has marked World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on June 15 by releasing a public service announcement urging the public to assist law enforcement in preventing such crimes.
06/15/24 • by: Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
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Do Spouses Need Powers of Attorney to Care for Each Other?

A Florida power of attorney (POA) is a necessary legal document that explicitly grants authority for one spouse to act on behalf of the other in financial and healthcare matters. Without this document, spouses do not have inherent legal authority over each other's affairs.
06/12/24 • by: Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
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Council on Aging - June Events St. Johns County

The Council on Aging provides many opportunities for St. Johns County residents age 18+ to get involved and get active! Learn about June events.
05/17/24 • by: Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
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Elder Wire Fraud Scams Rising, resulting in Huge Losses

Elder fraud is on the rise, particularly elder web-based fraud to the tune of 12.5 billion dollars in 2023.
05/15/24 • by: Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
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Struggling With a Message for Your Mom on Mother's Day? We've Got You Covered

Don't know what to write in a card for your mom? We've got some ideas. Check out these Mother's Day messages.
05/10/24 • by: Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
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'I don't want my wife to lose everything': I've been diagnosed with dementia - I suddenly could not spell or write legibly

Quentin takes written questions from concerned seniors and replies back with advice. In this blog post, the writer is suffering with dementia and is concerned about the financial situation he will be leaving behind as well as living comfortably for the remainder of his life.
05/08/24 • by: Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
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Elder Fraud is on the Rise. Protect Yourself and Your Loved One!

Financial exploitation and fraud is one of the least reported forms of elder abuse. Learn more about scams to look for.
05/03/24 • by: Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
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What Are Estate Taxes and How Do They Work?

Estate taxes, also known as inheritance taxes, are taxes imposed on the transfer of an individual's assets upon their death. Learn more about the limits and what you can do.
05/01/24 • by: Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
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Don't Leave Your Trustee Clueless!

Are you creating a trust? Make sure you talk with the trustee BEFORE you pass. Here's why.
04/26/24 • by: Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
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Important developments for Alzheimer’s and dementia

Nearly 7 million Americans are affected by Alzheimer’s. Julieanne Steinbacher, an advocate, former social worker, and elder law attorney attended the 2024 AIM Advocacy Forum in Washington, D.C., where Alzheimer’s Association advocates discussed the impact of the disease.
04/24/24 • by: Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
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