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Using Life Insurance To Address Anticipated Rise In Estate Taxes

Life insurance can serve as a strategic tool for clients to potentially reduce estate taxes, particularly as provisions of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act are set to expire.
04/18/24 • by: Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
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Orlando Commissioner Charged with Elder Fraud

Orlando commissioner, Regina Hill, arrested on charges of elder abuse. Learn more
04/04/24 • by: Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
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Emily Hicks Speaks to the Sawgrass Women's Club About Leaving a Legacy

Emily talks about the fears behind these conversations like entitling your children or heirs, fears of outliving your money, or your heirs squandering what they inherit.
03/18/24 • by: Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
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How MIE is Helping Seniors Age in Place

Are you concerned about being able to age in place? Kris Wilson with MiE can modify your home so you can.
03/14/24 • by: Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
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Jax Ready REVAMP Registry is helping the community locate missing persons with cognitive decline

Are you concerned that a loved one with dementia may wander off? Add them to the REVAMP registry in Duval County to help first responders find them.
03/08/24 • by: Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
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How Bob Barker Chose to Leave a Charitable Legacy

Wondering how celebrities support their favorite charities after death? We found a great podcast offering insight into celebrity estates, and this particular episode focuses on Bob Barker.
03/04/24 • by: Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
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2024 Annual Gift and Estate Tax Exemption Adjustments

The 2024 annual gift tax and estate tax exclusions will be going into effect as recently announced by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
01/05/24 • by: Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
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Why Is Movie Star Chris Hemsworth More Likely to Develop Alzheimer's Disease?

Chris Hemsworth underwent genetic testing for an episode of his docuseries Limitless — and found out he has an 8 to 10 times greater chance of getting Alzheimer's.
11/16/23 • by: Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
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What Is Medicare Part B Buy Back?

Almost every insurance company offering Medicare Advantage Plans has included this benefit called a Part B Buy Back in at least one of their plans. Learn what it is.
11/05/23 • by: Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
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Ensuring a secure future: The urgency of long-term care planning for Floridians

Are Floridians prepared for the cost of long-term care? This article says no!
10/31/23 • by: Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
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