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How Bob Barker Chose to Leave a Charitable Legacy

Wondering how celebrities support their favorite charities after death? We found a great podcast offering insight into celebrity estates, and this particular episode focuses on Bob Barker.
03/04/24 • by: Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
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Some Expenses are Paid by Estate and Some by Beneficiary

If you’re set to inherit, you may be wondering what estate expenses are paid by the beneficiary. The answer can depend on what assets are passed on to you when a family member or loved one passes away.
09/19/23 • by: Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
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Introducing Elder Law Hour with Emily Hicks!

Emily and her team have been keeping a big secret!
09/01/23 • by: Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
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Factors to Consider when Picking Executor, Trustees and POAs

One of the biggest challenges that clients encounter during the process is deciding who to appoint as their trustees, powers of attorney, health care surrogates and executors.
10/28/22 • by: Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
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Should I Have a Trust in My Estate Plan?

A simple will works for some people, but maybe not for you. Are you in a second marriage? Have minor children? Concerned about fraud? These are just a few of the many reasons to consider a trust.
10/20/22 • by: Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
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How Do Special Needs Trusts Work?

Special needs trusts can help fund quality-of-life improvements for the beneficiary, such as a phone, a trip or a private room in a group care facility.
07/18/22 • by: Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
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What Common Mistakes are Made with Living Trusts?

Of course, just because you have a living trust doesn't mean you're all set. Here are a few of the most common mistakes people make with their living trusts.
07/14/22 • by: Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
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What Happens to Investment Accounts when Someone Dies?

What investment powers does a personal representative in a probate or a trustee in a trust administration have to manage the decedent’s assets?
07/13/22 • by: Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
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Does a Supplemental Needs Trust have an Impact on Government Benefits?

For disabled persons receiving financially based government benefits, supplemental needs trusts (‘SNTs’) can safeguard benefits and serve as an effective estate planning tool.
06/22/22 • by: Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
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What Does Portability Mean in Estate Planning?

One of the most overlooked and misunderstood tax laws–available to married farming couples–is an opportunity called portability.
06/09/22 • by: Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
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