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Orlando Commissioner Charged with Elder Fraud

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April 4, 2024 •  Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
Orlando commissioner, Regina Hill, arrested on charges of elder abuse. Learn more

Elder fraud is on the rise, and this story is just more evidence that people can justify anything, including stealing money from an elderly woman.

Orlando commissioner, Regina Hill, was arrested on charges of elderly exploitation, identity fraud and mortgage fraud. Hill got to know the 96-year-old woman three years ago when she helped clean up the woman's home, which was in an awful condition.

Soon after, Hill obtained power of attorney and had access to the woman's bank accounts and credit cards and proceeded to spend more than $100,000 on herself. The charges total seven felony counts and Hill has posted bail. If convicted, Hill could face a maximum sentence of 180 years in prison.

Unfortunately, these types of crimes happen every single day to our elderly population. This type of relationship likely started with good intentions. Hill was helping her, and there was trust built. She would probably say there was a good reason to have a power of attorney. It's so important as family members to watch out for our elderly family members. Are there new people in their life who might take advantage? Is someone asking your grandmother to sign a power of attorney? Or are they asking for money on a regular basis? We have to keep our eyes out and stay alert!

Reference: March 28, 2024, Associated Press - Orlando City Commissioner Charged With Spending 96-Year-Old Woman's Money on a Home, Personal Items

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