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Our Focus in March is Dementia!

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March 8, 2024 •  Emily Hicks Law, PLLC
Are you or a loved one struggling with dementia or Alzheimer's related dementia? It's a disease affecting people over 65 in record numbers as well as those caregivers in the trenches.

Throughout the month of March, Elder Law Hour will be focusing on dementia! Our guests will be talking about all kinds of topics like treatments, statistics, grief, training your brain to protect it, and so much more!

Check this resources page often as we will be adding new resources every week!

Let's start with a common question. What is dementia and is it the same as Alzheimer's?

There are many types of dementia. Alzheimer's is just one type of dementia, but it is the most prevalent.

Who's Affected?

The Alzheimer's Association put out a very detailed report of Facts and Figures covering detection, insurance, mortality rates, prevalence, caregiving, and more. Here is what we learned about the broad numbers as well as numbers affecting us right here in Florida.

Those with dementia in the United States: 6.7 Million people aged 65 and older are living with Alzheimer’s Dementia. Of that number:
-1.79 million are aged 65-74
-2.54 million are aged 75-84
-2.37 million are aged 85+

In Florida, the 2020 number is 580,000! It's projected to grow to 720,000 in 2025, which is a 24% increase.

It's not just those diagnosed with dementia, it's the caregivers that spend hours and hours helping with ADL's, going to doctors appointments, and taking care of the home. The total number in the United States is up to 11,479,000 resulting in 19,962,000 hours in unpaid care.

The Florida numbers are shocking with only California and Texas higher than us:
-827,000 - Caregivers of people with Alzheimers or other types of dementias in 2022.
-$23,409,000 - The total value of UNPAID care provided.

Elder Law Hour March 2

Our special guest this week is Donna Lee. She has been a part of the Alzheimer's Association and is a wealth of knowledge! In this episode, we are focusing on the "treatment era" and the variety of treatments available to those with dementia!

The Alzheimer's Association talks about treatments like Lecanemab and Donanemab (pending FDA review) for treatment of early Alzheimer's disease. Research states that early detection is key to take advantage of these early stage treatments!

Medications for memory, cognition and dementia-related behaviors - There are two classifications of drugs that the FDA has approved; medications that change disease progression in those living with early Alzheimer's disease, and medications that may temporarily mitigate symptoms of Alzheimer's dementia.

Want to know more about dementia and Alzheimer's? Head on over to

Elder Law Hour March 9

Donna Lueders joins the show to talk about Medicare! Donna did a great job of walking us through the basics like Medicare Part A, which covers acute care. We also talked about Medicare Part B, which covers routine healthcare like doctors visits. We will not go into more detail here, but if you would like to know more about Medicare and what it all means, Donna provided a great cheat sheet!

Halle Mitchell and Shannon Nelson talk about the REVAMP registry and how it is helping law enforcement and other first responders to find missing persons with cognitive declines.

Brittany and Emily tackle arguably the most important document you'll sign as part of the estate planning process, the Power of Attorney. Why is it so important to have if you are caring for someone with dementia? What happens if there isn't one? Would you know how to spot power of attorney abuse?

Elder Law Hour March 16

Donna Lueders is back taking us through more Medicare complexities! Did you know that it make a big difference whether you are "admitted" or "under observation?" Find out why in the episode on March 16th!

Kris Wilson, owner of MIE (Modified Independence Evaluations) is back giving us the 4 obstacles in your home that contribute to falls! Most everyone wants to age in place in the place they call home, and Kris talks through the process of modifying one's home to make that happen.

Elder Law Hour March 23

In this week's episode, we're talking with Donna Lee with the Alzheimer's Association about 10 ways to LOVE your brain! From getting enough sleep and puzzles to social interaction and exercise, you'll be prepared to start new habits!

Sean McHale is back to talk all about how to communicate with your loved ones with dementia! According to Sean, the trick is to never tell them no or to disagree with them. Learn the art of therapeutic fibbing to help maintain a relationship and avoid upsetting your loved one.

Halle Mitchell and Shannon Nelson join us to talk through the Special Needs Registry and how it can help your loved one when a hurricane comes our way. Plus, they talk about the REVAMP Registry and how it is helping first responders find loved ones with dementia or general cognitive impairments.

LIVE SHOW on March 30th!

It's finally here! Did you tune in for our live show on March 30th? We talked with Lyndsey Taylor all about dementia and Alzheimer's and with Michael Saffy about long-term care options and the placement process for your loved one.

Lyndsey Taylor with the Alzheimer's Association - We are so excited to have Lyndsey Taylor join our live episode of Elder Law Hour! She will be speaking about the basics of both dementia and Alzheimers, the stages of the disease, and offering tips on how to manage care for your loved one! Read more about her here.

Michael Saffy with SilverLink Consulting - Michael Saffy is the Founder and President of SilverLink Consulting, a senior placement organization in Jacksonville, FL which serves 7 surrounding counties. Their advisors help navigate the entire long-term care industry for you with expert advice on independent living, assisted living, in home care, memory care and many other resources. Learn more about Michael and SilverLink here.

We're ending the show with questions from listeners! Check back after the show airs to see the questions that were asked and the expert answers from Lyndsey and Michael.

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